Why choose Germany?

Do you think that Germany is all about beer, lederhosen and sauerkraut? Well, maybe!

But there is so much more to experience about the country! Germany offers a multifaceted culture and life-style and you will have plenty of opportunities to travel, do sightseeing and enjoy Germany’s world-known regions.


München - Germany

Down in the South, the Alps invite you to go hiking, climbing or skiing; this large mountain range offers the perfect entertainment for all seasons!

Munich is a posh city with a very distinct Bavarian life-style and hosts the annual Oktoberfest, probably the most fun and exciting fair ever! Plus, Munich is only a stone’s throw away from Germany’s most prominent palace: Neuschwanstein. This fairy-tale palace attracts millions of visitors each year, lets you travel back in time and feel like a real princess!


Köln - Germany

In the more Western area of Germany, the Ruhr Valley awaits your visit. Cologne is especially attractive with its famous Cologne Cathedral, which is the third-highest church in the world (157 meters).

Each year Cologners celebrate the 5 th season: carnival! From November 11 th to Ash Wednesday the city celebrates its carnival with funny speeches and dance performances, carnival parades and its world-known slogan “Kölle Alaaf!”, which means “Cologne alone” and is always chanted out loudly by the carnivalists.

Nord Sea and Baltic Sea


In the Northern regions you can enjoy water sports and a fun day at the beach at the Baltic Sea or North Sea.

In the summer, the climate is just about right to take a refreshing dip in the sea! The Island Rügen with its stylish bathhouse architecture is perfect for a relaxed weekend-getaway. The Island Sylt is a hip party-island where you can go V.I.P.-hunting, kite-running and, of course, partying!


Hamburg - Germany

Also in the North, Hamburg is a beautiful city known especially for its large inland harbor and its world-class musical productions. And of course, you are invited to have a memorable night out at the clubs and bars at the well-known party-mile Reeperbahn.


Dresden - Germany

Dresden in the East is probably the most historical and admirable city in the region. After its complete destruction at the end of WWII, the world-famous Dresden Frauenkirche has been rebuilt on donations alone and today shines in new splendor in the center of the city.

Also in the East, you can visit many old castles, such as Wartburg, which is the origin of German reformed Protestantism (Martin Luther translated the bible into German in only 11 weeks during his time there).

Scenic Germany

Germany is also known for its beautiful and diverse countryside with its many lakes, rivers and idyllic scenery. Lake Constance in the South and the Mecklenburg Lake District in the North, the Rivers Rhine and Danube, as well as the wine-regions Palatinate and Franconia invite you to indulge in nature and to visit the surrounding sights and restaurants with regional delicacies.


Berlin is the capital of Germany and features a multitude of things to do, see and experience. With its long and exciting history, its diverse architecture and top-notch cultural venues the city offers the best to everyone! Walk through the Brandenburg Gate, visit the remains of the Berlin Wall, visit the Holocaust Memorial, or take a tour through the hip neighborhoods of Prenzlauer Berg, Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg with its independent music scenes and cute and comfy bars. You can also enjoy a Café au Lait with your friends in one of the many street cafés or a cold beer at night in the popular beer gardens! In Berlin, you can easily get to know the city by bike! Also, Berlin offers some world-class shopping at affordable prices and its multicultural population (let alone the food!) makes this city unique!