Visit a German language course!

Language courses in Germany are a fantastic way of experiencing German culture and learning German or perfecting your language skills.

Why come to Germany for a language course?

If you don’t have enough time for a full-fledged Au Pair or Demi Pair stay, or would like to focus more heavily on language learning, you may want to simply visit a German language course instead.

German language course in Berlin

There are many great advantages to learning German right here in Germany. By coming here, you are really setting yourself up to study. You’ll be in a course together with students from all over the world who’ll probably speak German better than they speak English. Your tutors will be German. And if you stay with a host family, you won’t even get a chance to talk in your native tongue – you’re immersed in the German language full-time. Because of this, you’ll learn at an unmatched pace and level of quality.

Quite aside from the academic advantages, though, coming to Germany is also a unique experience. You’ll be in direct contact with everything German – our lifestyle, our way of thinking and acting, our very culture. If you plan on establishing or maintaining a relationship to Germany, be it to study here or to deal with business contacts, knowing German culture from the inside will be a great boon. Besides, it’s just plain fascinating – somewhat like being on a holiday trip, only more exciting!

The language school

We’re partners with a language school with study centres in Berlin, Cologne and Munich. Learn more about these cities here. If you’d rather kick back and enjoy a provincial holiday-style experience, there’s also a centre in Radolfzell, a small but lively town on Lake Constance. The Lake Constance region in southern Germany is a beautiful holiday region with often great weather. The historic town of Radolfzell features a beautiful car-free historic district whose cozy cafes and restaurants, beautiful lakefront, large marketplace and many well-preserved historic buildings lend it a unique southern flair.

Radolfzell on Lake Constance

German language courses

Our partner school offers several German language courses as well as a range of helpful services to prospective university students. Have a look!

Intensive Course Plus

In this general purpose German language course, you learn the basics of German or refine your existing skills for a broad set of applications such as study, work, or just everyday use. You can book this course for a minimum of two weeks, but if you plan to study for a German language certificate, you may want to stay longer for a more targeted improvement.

The course consists of 24 weekly lessons in groups of 5 to 15 students. In addition, there’s a strong focus on self study. You will be provided with plenty of learning material and can use the school’s facilities, such as a media resource center and up-to-date computer learning tools. Of course, the school’s experienced tutors will help you make the best use of your time.

Prices per week range between 250€ and 169€ depending on course duration. To get an accurate quotation, please fill in our application form!

Crash Courses

Crash courses, available in a 5-lesson and a 10-lesson variety, provide a useful kickstart to your language. They’re one-to-one lessons designed to accompany your Intensive course. Here, you can address your individual difficulties and questions with an undistracted tutor.

Combined with an Intensive course, prices per week range between 485€ and 450€ (5 individual lessons/week) or 720€ to 685€ (10 individual lessons/week), depending on course duration. To get an accurate quotation, please fill in our application form!

Munich in Christmas time

Intensive Course Business German

If you plan on doing business in Germany or with German partners, this is the language course for you. In 24 lessons per week you will learn to deal with situations in a business context, from making phone calls and drafting reports to presenting your company and handling negotiations. You can also prepare for the German Business Examination (PWD) in this course. To participate, you should already be at an advanced level in German (C1).

This four-week course costs 940€ total. Please fill in our application form or contact us in other ways for detailed information, including available dates.

Preparing to study

Our partner can provide you with an all-round service if you’re planning to go study at a German university. Besides providing you with the necessary language skills, you will receive preparation for the relevant examination (and can even take the TestDaF at the school). They will send you a confirmation of studies as soon as you’re enrolled on a course - you may need this to obtain a visa. And once you’re on the course, you can get assistance with your application to university.

In addition to the general Intensive course, you can also add some modules to better prepare for studying. Choices include an orientation course with 6 lessons per week to give you an overview of the German study system and to introduce you to academic reading and writing skills. You can also book an extra module to prepare specifically for a TestDaF or a DSH exam (4 weeks, 395€), which you will need to take at some point to be admitted to a German university.

German language students in Cologne

Additional modules

Other small-group modules you can add onto an Intensive course include:

  • Phonetics
  • Communication Skills
  • German at the Workplace
  • Exam preparation: telc certificates B1, B2, C1
  • Exam preparation: Business German International (PWD)
  • Training: Applying for a job

Prices range between 60€ and 90€ per week.

To add to these language-centered courses, our partner also offers a wide range of leisure programs including various cultural and sports activities.


As a language course student of our partner, you also receive a number of housing options. You can choose to stay with a host family – we definitely favor this option, as it will improve your skills faster than any other, and you will get a unique insight into everyday German life – or take a room in a shared apartment or in one of the school’s student residences. In any case, you’ll be well taken care of by the school’s service team.


To participate in any of the courses, you will have to have a valid health, accident and liability insurance. If your current insurance plan doesn’t cover these in Germany, the school offers a package to provide just what you need for 20€ per week.